Clean Bathroom

Bathroom placed where to take-up a shower and etc. How do your care about cleanliness of the bathroom it is not just picked-up and considered clean like other room inside house. Bathroom need to cleaned often before it become totally scuzzy and will be take you longer spending hours scrubbing and disinfecting than if you do a regular unkeep. Get started spending around below 20minute to clean-up unwanted bacteria inside the bathroom with suitable cleaner suite and much more better to have one product which contained antibacterial that can use in one central area. Follow these simple steps as guide to help the requirements of a clean bathroom.

1. Picked-out all dirty towels, clothes etc by put in a hamper including empty bottles of shampoo and trash must need to putting away to the dustbin.
2. To be safe wear disposable gloves to protect the skin.
3. Used soft rag to wipe down sink and tub casually if heavy-dirty used brush to scrub it up to remove the grubbiness areas. Also wipe woods cabinet surface.
4. Scrubbing of the toilet surface wall just to maintain previous scrubbed.
5. Wipe away dirty on mirror surface keep it shine. Most of time we spent in front of mirror.
6. Toilet bowl also need to staying clean take brush scrub in and flush.
7. Placed small amount a liquid cleaner into the floor scrub regularly. Applied mop to sweep it dry.
8. Replaced toiled paper roll keep in under stock.


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Bathroom need to clean once a month to maintain freshness and prevent from disease caused by bacteria. Cleanliness of bathroom not only will be comfortable to use by yourself also can be presentable enough for unexpected guests. These step will guide as routine maintenance to save a lot of time if we care cleanliness of the bathroom. Get your bathroom sparkling avoid having headaches.